About CCAT

What Does CCAT stand for?

Complete Computer Accounting Team
We want to be a complete resource center for you and your company. In the past, we helped you with your Peachtree software needs, you went to a computer store for hardware upgrades, you hired a computer person to install more memory or setup your network and you ran all over town taking extension classes to learn your programs. Was that a pain? Well, not anymore! Contact us using the links or phone numbers on our Home page to see how we can help you with more than just Peachtree Accounting! From hardware to software, from networks to spreadsheets, even with some creative solutions to your company's integration and data access needs, we can help. We are not CPAs, but we work with many CPAs around town to provide them and you with quality, accurate financial statements and management reports for your company. Our clients and their CPAs find it helpful to have an interpreter - someone to translate Accounting into English. No problem ! We even offer a class in basic accounting principles ! In order to provide you with comprehensive, quality service, we need a team. No one person can know all the hardware, accounting and software details that are needed to pull this comprehensive package together and offer it at a reasonable price. That's why we have a team of people who truly like each other, respect each other, can communicate with each other and draw on each other's strengths to offer our best to you.

What is our History?

We have been in business for decades in Georgia as an authorized Peachtree Resource Center. Total Technical Solutions was the name of one of the founding Peachtree Resource Centers in the early 1990's. We grew and learned and grew some more, and in 1996, Total Technical Solutions became CCAT. Since then we have continued to grow by helping our clients grow with us. We hope to earn the opportunity to help you grow your business as well.

We have built a team of professionals who have a very special synergy which allows each of us to draw on the experience and knowledge of the others. Please view our "Staff" page for more information about each of our team members.